Privacy Statement

Your privacy is of very high priority for us. We are treating your personal data confidently and within the requirements by law and the description of this privacy statement.

When using one of our products and/or this website a fully anonymous usage profile is created, which is stored on our servers.

When using one of our Apps the following data is stored:

  • a randomly generated ID
  • the date/time of first launching the App
  • the date/time of last launching the App
  • your IP address, when last launching the App
  • a number that indicates, how often you have launched the App
  • the version of App for WhatsApp you are currently using
  • rough IP-based geographic information

Important: None of our Apps will ever transfer personal information like names, your contacts or documents on your device to one of our servers without your explicit consent.

The data stored by accessing the website and using our Apps can be combined to track referrals to App sales.

In no event will any data be sold or made accessible to a third party.

If you have any questions about privacy please don’t hesitate to contact us vis eMail at